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Traffic Tickets, OVI/DUI, Theft, Domestic Violence, Sex Offenses & Registration, Pornography & Other Computer Related Crimes, and Murder

We handle all types of criminal cases misdemeanors and felonies including: traffic tickets, ovi/dui, theft, domestic violence, rape and murder cases. We are trained at handling cases with a mental health component and approved for the specialized Mental Health Court docket in Cuyahoga County. It is important to speak with an attorney immediately if you believe you might be the subject of a criminal investigation or charged with a criminal offense.  You must understand your right prior to speaking with authorities. 

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Divorce, dissolution, annulment and all post-decree work including modifications for support, custody/visitation and petitions to the court to enforce prior orders (show cause/contempt).

Divorce, Dissolution, Annulment, and All Post-Decree Work (ie. modifications for support, custody/visitation, petitions)

Automobile accident and other types of injury cases.

Automotive Accident and Other Injury Cases

Including criminal matters, custody and support matters, paternity, abuse, negligent and delinquency cases.

Criminal, Custody & Support, Paternity, Abuse, and Negligent & Delinquency Cases

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